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PEACE KARUTA Image Character 2018 Prize King Shugo Imahira

Cards with words

  1. (1)Red Cross saved and rescued anyone in need, friend or foe.(Henri Dunant 1901 Switzerland)
  2. (2)Lester founded the United Nation Peace Keeping Operation. (Lester Bowles Pearson 1957 Canada)
  3. (3)Dominique advanced refugee relief activities. ( Dominique Pire 1958 Belgium)
  4. (4)Medalist Philip undertook the disarmament actions. ( Philip J. Noel-Baker 1959 England)
  5. (5)Albert stood at the front line of anti- apartheid activists. ( Albert John Mumbi Lutuli 1960 South Africa)

  1. (6)Linus led efforts to end above ground nuclear weapons testing. (Linus Curl Pauling 1962 USA)
  2. (7)Lune was the originator of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (Rene Cassin 1968 France)
  3. (8)International Labor Organization protects the rights of workers worldwide (International Labor Organization 1969 World)
  4. (9)Norman made his best efforts to the worldwide food shortage improvement. (Norman Ernest Borlaug USA)
  5. (10)Le Duc Tho endeavored to achieve cease-fires during the Vietnam War. (Le Duc Tho 1973 Vietnam)

  1. (11)Sean confronted the worldwide human rights problem. (Sean MacBride 1974 Ireland)
  2. (12)Eisaku Sato gave his solemn word for nuclear weapons' abolition. (Eisaku Sato 1974 Japan)
  3. (13)Mother Teresa's love wrapped anyone in need. (Mother Teresa 1979 India)
  4. (14)Tlatelolco treaty for the denuclearization of Central and South America. ( Alfonso Garcia Robles 1982 Mexico)
  5. (15)Writer Elie survived the Holocaust. (Elie Wiesel 1986 USA)

  1. (16)Sergeevich brought the cold war to its end. ( Mikhail Sergeevich1990 USSR)
  2. (17)Aung San Suu Kyi cut off the chain of violence in Myanmar. ( Aung San Suu Kyi 1991 Burma (Myanmar))
  3. (18)Rigoberta focused on improving the human rights of indigenous peoples. ( Rigoberta MenchuTum 1992 Guatemala)
  4. (19)Mandela abolished racial predjudice in South Africa. ( Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela 1993 South Africa)
  5. (20)Arafat was a leader of Palestine National Liberation Movement. (Yasser Arafat 1994 Palestine)

  1. (21)Joseph, the scientist argued for the abolition of nuclear weapons. ( Sir Joseph Rotblat 1995 England )
  2. (22)Jose Ramos resolved the conflict in East Timor. (Jose Manuel Ramos-Horta 1996 East Timor)
  3. (23)Jody advocated the banning and removal of land mines. (Jody Williams 1997 USA)
  4. (24)Medicins Sans Frontiers saves lives even in war zones. (Medicins Sans Frontiers 1999 world)
  5. (25)Kim Dae-jung initiated the first-ever summit between the South and the North Korea. ( Kimude Jun 2000 South Korea)

  1. (26)United Nations maintains international peace. (United Nations 2001 World)
  2. (27)President Carter promoted Middle East peace through diplomacy. (Jimmy Carter, Jr. 2002 USA)
  3. (28)Maathai declared “ What a waste!”(Wangari Muta Maathai 2004 Kenya)
  4. (29)International Atomic Energy Agency promotes use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.(International Atomic Energy Agency 2005 World)
  5. (30)Grameen Bank makes loans to the poor. (Grameen Bank 2006 Bangladesh)

  1. (31)Al took Climate Change on a cinema screen. (Al Gore 2007 USA)
  2. (32)Martti strove to resolve conflicts around the world. (Martti Oliva Kalevi Ahtisaari 2008 Finland)
  3. (33)Obama appealed to the international community for a world without nuclear weapons. (Barack ObamaⅡ 2009 USA)
  4. (34)Tawakel is known as“Mother of the Revolution” opposing violence. ( Tawakel Karman 2011 Yemen)
  5. (35)Leymah promoted the power of woman to contribute to peace keeping operations. (Leymah G Bowee 2011 Liberia)

  1. (36)Malala over and over conveyed the indispensability of education. (Malala Yousafzai 2014 Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
  2. (37)Kailash rescued children from forced labor. (Kailash Satyarthi 2014 India)
  3. (38)NGO I CAN challenges the legality of nuclear weapons. (I CAN 2017 World)
  4. (39)Einstein appealed for the peaceful use of science. (Albelt Einstein Germany )
  5. (40)Audrey worked for the protection of children’s lives at UNISEF. (Audrey Hepburn England)

  1. (41)Helen did her best to promote to educational development for physically handicapped persons. (Helen Keller USA)
  2. (42)Noguchi devoted his life to the study of a bacteriology. (Hideo Noguchi Japan)
  3. (43)Riches created by the development of dynamite went towards the establishment of the Nobel Prize. (Alfred Nobel Sweden)
  4. (44)Princess Diana made her best efforts to abolish land mines. (Diana FrancesGreat Britain)
  5. (45)Chiune saved refugees with his “Visas of life”(Chiuene Sugihara  Japan)

  1. (46)Capa depicted war through photos. (Robert Capa Hungary)
  2. (47)Reverend King whose weapons were only words and love. (Martin Luther King Jr. 1964 USA)

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