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PEACE KARUTA Image Character 2018 Prize King Shugo Imahira

Introduction ~Feeling put into Peace Karuta ~

We hear news related international and ethnic conflicts almost every day. As various information go back and forth, which make even adults confused, young children may believe even biased information are correct, developing into adults. That’s very sad.

Besides, we live in the era where power of machines are relied too much. Smartphones, mobile handsets, PC...., these are devices bringing convenience and comfort to our life. But some suggest decreased interpersonal closeness and potential health impact.

When I want to break through the situation,“Play of Karuta” being inherited from long time ago in Japan cameto my mind.

Karuta can enable children to listen to episodes of global people contributing to the peace, to look at illustration cards, and to learn about the peace, by playing the game.

Players can interact and compete each other, feel joy sometimes sorrow, help loser, and care for each other.
I wish this “PeaceKaruta”depicting laureates of Novel Peace Prize and those who act for the peace inform importance of the peace, Foster human resources who serve global peace to be a foundation leading to a peaceful future, if not only children but adults play together.


“Peace Karuta” comprises illustration cards and reading cards depicting episodes of those contribute to the peace in more than two languages.
players listen to behavior of Novel Peace Prize laureates and global peace activities and look for the illustration, can naturally learn about the peace.

How to play

A reader reads through the card, and players try to find the corresponding illustration card. Single language or each country’s language can be read to play. Reading cards include chance cards, the player that takes the card before the chance card is eligible for a variety of privileges. (e.g. can take a card from a player holding the largest number of cards).

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