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PEACE KARUTA Image Character 2018 Prize King Shugo Imahira

About us

  • Piece and Peace Faundation
  • Address:ootemachi 1-3-2 B1F chiyoda-ku tokyo
  • Tel:03-5218-6677
  • Fax:03-5218-6688

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After word

This carta(cards) has been invented by a male, running Chinese restaurants in Japan, who is very keen for the world to have and keep peace. Now at age of 80, reaching Japanese males' life-span expectancy, he has determined to somehow contribute to the world peace before and after he expires. We are proud to declare that this invention is filled with people's longing hearts for their comforts and peace eternally to prevail on earth.

Proposed by Kaoru Sunakoda

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